​​​Interlock repair​

Much time, effort and money is invested in the creation of your interlock work. When we do interlock repair we try as much as possible and feasible to maintain the integrity of the original design as well as using the original stones.

Polymeric sand replacement

For every interlock repair we replace the sand with new polymeric sand which is a concrete acting sand that will help reduce weed growth and infiltration of water.

Burial of Downspout drains

 Water pouring on your interlock from the downspout drains can eventually cause your stones to move as well as create an icy dangerous surface in winter. We bury downspout drains under the interlock to help remove these risks.

Division of

Interlock weed removal

 With a high performance hot water pressure washer and rotating spray nozzle, we remove the weeds and their roots deep within the seams of the interlock. We then fill the seams with polymeric sand and can apply a sealer, all of which will help delay the return of weeds.

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